SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – For those fans looking to go to the game in New Orleans it’s going to cost you. Just how much you spend depends on your taste.

Obviously it’s 49er fever in the Central Valley. A lot of fans are buying merchandise, but we wanted to know how much is their team really worth to them.

At Sports Fever in Sacramento, 49ers merchandise is flying off the hangers.

“It is one of our most popular ones,” said a store employee referring to an Niners jacket.

From jerseys to jackets, it’s good to be selling Niners gear.

“It’s great for business. The more the Niner fans, the merrier, as they say,” said an employee

“They’re my favorite team,” said a girl at the store.

But for these 49er faithful, they’d rather be spending their cash at the Super Bowl.

“If we had the money we’d take the whole family to see the game,” said 49ers fan Tina Smith.

It’s going to cost you though. Super Bowl tickets start a $2,200 a pop. To fly round trip from San Francisco nonstop will set you back $2,100, and per night hotels cost $350 and up.

“It’s very pricey, very pricey,” said a shopper.

“Oo, that’ll be tough,” said another shopper.

But if there’s no room at the inn, try There are condos and homes in New Orleans being rented out by the owners. We found a house for only $200 a day. The neighborhood is maybe sketchy though. But there’s a $4,000-a-night home available.

“Yeah, if you have a family of 20 you can all go in on something,” said a fan.

The living room is looking more cost effective everyday for these diehard fans.

A lot of fans we spoke with say they’re willing to buy the gear, but they’re not willing to pay the ultimate price.

A trip to the Super Bowl could cost the average fan from Northern California more than $6,000.


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