Don starts things off with the Manti Te’o interview with Katie Couric yesterday, in which Te’o makes himself out to be a complete moron! Don plays the voice mails from Te’o’s “girlfriend,” and the guys are all certain it’s a guy doing a female voice. This gets the guys trying out their own girly voices, and Little Joe, who has the highest voice, sounds the most feminine, so Don does his best Te’o, and has a conversation with LJ imitating the girlfriend.

The guys then recap their day of bowling at Strikes in Rocklin yesterday, including their individual performances, the listeners who stopped by, and the great VIP room the guys got to be in. We also hear sound from the day, including Slow Joe, Drew, and Craig’s interviews with the patrons. After the recap, we get a visit from NFL great, and friend of the show, Conrad Dobler. Connie, who’ll be at the Silver Legacy in Reno on Super Bowl Sunday, gives us his take on Manti Te’o, dealing with his football injuries, and being on Vicodin for the past 30 years, and his thoughts on Ray Lewis.

After Conrad, we get an in studio visit from comedian Chris Franjola. Chris, who will be performing at the Punchline in Sac tonight and tomorrow, talks about being on “Chelsea Lately,” what Chelsea is like off camera, the time he met Bill Cosby, and why Bruce Jenner and Gary Busey has beefs with him. He also adamantly denies that he’s gay! We then get another visit from comedy legend Bill Cosby. Bill, who is performing at the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton, Talks about his old comedy albums, meeting Chris Franjola, the Kings possibly moving to Seattle, and why he’s torn on picking a Super Bowl champion.

After Bill, it’s time for “Phantom News.” Today, a “Giant Squid” documentary on the Discovery Channel Sunday, a “Ladies of Manure” calendar, Ebay bans Django Unchained action figures, and Rolling Stone magazine’s “50 Funniest People Alive.” And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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