SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The California Department of Health is warning consumers with food allergies not to eat certain pasta that could contain undeclared allergens.

Yolanda Quality Foods, Inc., of San Gabriel, is voluntarily recalling various Yolanda brand products because the product labels failed to declare wheat and/or milk in the ingredient statements.

Consumers with the allergies are asked to discard the food or return them to the store for a refund.

Following is a list of the foods that are being recalled and the allergens they contain.


Yolanda Brand Product

Unit Size

Undeclared Allergen(s)

GN12 Classic Gnocchi 12 oz. Wheat and milk
TIC12 Cheese Tortellini 12 oz. Wheat
TIS12 Spinach Tortellini w/Cheese 12 oz. Wheat
TOC12 Cheese Tortelloni 12 oz. Wheat
JCF12 12 Jumbo Florentine Ravioli Classic 12 oz. Wheat
LSM12 Classic Large Square Ravioli Mushroom 10 oz. Wheat
TIS10 Spinach Tortellini w/Cheese 10 lb. bulk case Wheat
TIC10 Tortellini w/Five Cheese 10 lb. bulk case Wheat
TOC10 Cheese Tortelloni 10 lb. bulk case Wheat
TOS10 Spinach Tortelloni w/Cheese 10 lb. bulk case Wheat

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