STOCKTON (CBS13) – Crooks rammed a stolen SUV into the front glass entrance of a Stockton jewelry store in the middle of the night and then smashed into display cases with hammers.

The burglary happened at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Kay Jewelers in the 10600 block of Trinity Parkway.

Surveillance video shows the vehicle slamming into the front entrance of the store and four suspects rushing inside with hammers.
“That’s terrible,” Stockton resident Marcelo said. “It’s Stockton, we hope that things get better. I love this town.”

Kay Jewelers customers, who watched the surveillance video, couldn’t believe their eyes.

“I’m speechless, to actually catch that on camera is crazy,” said Brandon McNabb.

The break-ins are nothing new. However, Stockton police say they haven’t had one quite this brazen in a year or two.

“That’s pretty crazy, and it’s scary because it’s so close, and that’s not shy. They ran into it,” said Hallmark employee Alex Gilchrist.

At the Hallmark next door, Gilchrist says her manager warned her not to stand near the doors just in case.

“That way, if something like that does ever happen, we’ll be out of the way,” she said.

Police are looking for four suspects. In the video, a glimpse of a red hood and stripes can be seen on one of the suspect’s jackets. Another has a distinctive plaid coat and what could be a matching scarf.

“They look like they knew what they were doing too,” said Marcelo.

Then again, they might not have. CBS13 was told by a source that the smash-and-grab crooks didn’t end up with much of a haul.

A monetary value of the items wasn’t released, but CBS13 learned the burglars didn’t get away with much. The cases are difficult to break into and we’re told they targeted cheaper items.

This is at least the third time in recent years the store has been broken into. It was previously hit in June 2011 and August of last year.


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