SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The city of Sacramento has tried to get a new arena built for years but with no success. One location is now getting a second look.

Possible locations have included the railyards and Downtown Plaza. A new design shows what the Downtown Plaza could look like with a new arena on top of it. Sacramento’s city manager says he is prepared to pay for another feasibility study, costing up to $100,000.

The Sacramento arena studies go back a decade. In May 2004, one study said the then-named Arco Arena would need to be replaced in five years.

Another June 2004 study said the Downtown Plaza was not feasible to build an arena on because of its then-owner.

Skip ahead to 2009, where a new arena task force was considering the mall again.

What’s new now is that former owner, Westfield, has sold its mall to JMA Ventures, which has ties to billionaire Ron Burkle. He is one of the two possible equity partners discussing offering a counter-bid to keep the Kings from moving to Seattle.

Advocates say it’s a better location than the railyards, because streets and public transportation are already in place. Local businesses on K Street are talking again about the possibility.

“It would bring more traffic, more people, more investors to build more business around here,” said Zack Alemi of Plaza Café.

Arena or not, 10 years later, Sacramento still doesn’t know.

An announcement was expected this week from the mayor on a new deal between investors planning on a counter-bid to keep the Kings in Sacramento; however, the announcement is now expected to be pushed back until next week.


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