YUBA CITY (CBS13) – A Yuba City woman is back in jail, a place apparently very familiar to her. She’s been arrested more than 50 times.

A Yuba City AM-PM gas station was the site of her most recent arrest, but according to court records, it was nowhere near her first.

Alberta Manigo

Alberta Manigo

At only 5-foot-3, you may not think Alberta Manigo is tough, but you’d be wrong.

“The two things seem to be most common with her are alcohol and anger,” Yuba City police Sgt. Brian Bernardis.

That anger allegedly showed itself at the AM-PM, where officers say the 58-year-old pulled a box cutter on a clerk trying to stop her from shoplifting. Weeks before, she allegedly beat her fiancé at a nearby Walmart.

Moniga moved to Yuba City in November, and she’s already been arrested seven times in just the past two months.

“Ranging from public intoxication, spousal abuse, and one robbery,” Bernardis said.

But it goes on. According to court records filed in Sutter County, Moniga comes to the area from her home state of Louisiana already with 45 arrests under her belt, charges that included arson and assault.

“It’s unbelievably incredible,” one resident said

“I can’t even understand how they can get away with that so many times,” said another.

For those living in Yuba City, it’s frustrating

“Something is wrong in the system, for sure,” one said.

Likely just as frustrated with this little lady? Yuba City police.

“It’s rare to have one person draw that much attention from the police department,” Bernardis said.

And the question is when and if Moniga will be arrested again. Well, it likely won’t happen right away. She’s still in the Sutter County Jail.


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