RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Two dogs found lifeless inside of a burning Rancho Cordova mobile home were rescued by firefighters who used CPR to save them.

“It’s hard because they were not alive,” witness Robin Valentine said.

Witnesses didn’t think dogs Paris and Bella had a chance when they got stuck in the burning home off Redcoat Lane.

“That was emotional, that was hard,” Valentine said.

Neighbors knew the dogs’ owners weren’t home when they noticed the flames. But they couldn’t get inside to save the dogs because the fire was so intense.

“I thought ‘the house is definitely going to burn down and it’s going to hit my house too,’” said neighbor Lili Latham.

As soon as Sacramento Metro firefighters arrived, neighbors told them about the two pups trapped inside.

Bella and Paris were lifeless when firefighters pulled them out. So firefighters quickly began CPR and worked on dogs for more than an hour.

“I timed them. It was an hour and 10 minutes they worked on both those dogs,” said Latham.

Neighbors say they almost accepted that the dogs had died, but then there was a small sign of life.

“Eventually I seen the paws starting to move, so I knew,” said Pamela Baker.

Firefighters rushed the dogs to a vet where their conditions were critical.

Investigators say they’re looking into what caused the blaze that nearly took the dogs’ lives.

“They’re like your children. They’re part of your neighborhood family and you love them and you care for them,” said Valentine.

CBS13 reached out to the owners of Paris and Bella, but they didn’t want to speak on camera.

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