The weekend is here have a can of beer! This morning Don kicked off the show discussing Mayor Johnson’s “State of the City” speech which revealed the “whales” involved in the efforts to prevent our Kings from bolting town. Don then discusses with the crew how he would have presented the whales while excerpts from Mayor Johnson’s speech were played. After wrapping up Kings talk, Don shifts gears to “Octomom” who appears in a wonderful video laughing like a dolt, apparently under the influence of something. The show moves on to Pat Robertson who claims that demons can attach themselves to clothes and Don busts out a list of the top stolen items. To wrap up the segment Don calls Erin, Tennessee to ask a restaurant about a woman who was arrested for using their toilet and not paying.

Dan and Glen from Rubicon Brewing joined the show bringing with them many of the different style beers that will be on showcase at Brewfest. Our own Craig Harless, shockingly enough turned into a giant *$@*$*% after “tasting” a few brews too fast. Craig took kindly to the beer named “friend of the devil” and composed himself to continue his mindless banter. I think we can call this segment, “Foam Puking”.

Craig continues his chugging as Don moves on to a story about a man swallowed whole by a sinkhole. The Cubs want to change their ways regarding celebrities singing during the 7th inning stretch and the clip of Ozzy at Wrigley is played. Comedian Steve Byrne joined Don to discuss his show “Sullivan and Son” and discuss his comedy background. Craig continues his nonsense for a few more minutes before Don calls for the phone scan. Phantom news takes the show up to caller 100.


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