The day begins with the ridiculously cold control room that Slow Joe and Little Joe have to work in, and the heat gun that Slow rigged to get heat in the room. We also hear about the bull crap that went on after the show yesterday, how the station is like a high school, and how Don is absolutely sick of it. Don also gives Abe Vigoda to wish him a happy 92nd birthday, and then the guys watch the porno that Miss Teen Delaware Melissa King made, that got her disqualified from the Miss Teen USA pageant.

We then get a visit from actress Maria Menounos. Maria is promoting her new movie “Serial Buddies,” what it was like working with Kathie Lee on the set, and the bikini pics she tweeted while intoxicated last week. After Maria, Don continues his hatred for Kathie Lee, even showing the guys a website that has her head superimposed on the bodies of women in very compromising positions. It’s then time for another epic phone scan that goes on for almost an hour!

After hearing a clips of Larry King farting on TV, Ed Reed trying to sing with Eddie Money on the NFL Network, and a tweaker inhaling hot dogs, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, FOX picks up “Mindy” and “New Girl” for 2nd seasons, and Van Halen will headline Wisconsin’s Rock USA Festival. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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