Broadcast from the Sleep Train Arena the Grant Napear show started off with a conversation about J.J. Barea’s flagrant foul on Ray Allen. Grant thought that the referees got it right because there was malicious intent. One of the callers said that Ray Allen was simply flopping and that he should stop being a child.

Grant also talked about the disgraceful antics of Dennis Rodman. Rodman stated that he has formed a relationship with Kim Jong Un. Grant commented on how ridiculous it was that so many television stations were covering Rodman’s comments.

Grant spoke with Carl Landry from The Golden State Warriors. Carl commented on how the bad the Warriors defense was and how they need to improve. He also talked about how the Warriors need to stop turning the ball over. Grant asked Carl if he thought Joe Flacco deserved so much money. Carl said he won the Superbowl and played great over the season so why not.

During Grant’s Rant he talked about how much of a disgrace Dennis Rodman is and how he needs to simply stay in North Korea. Grant also talked about how Serge Ibaka should be suspended for his foul on Blake Griffin. He said that only a fine against Ibaka is ridiculous especially when other players were suspended for much less.


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