By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The right to sell single cans of beer could be crushed in Sacramento County and liquor store owners fear the change could close them down.

“My reaction is not good because it’s going to affect a lot of families,” liquor store owner Guri Kang said.

A county letter sent to 350 Sacramento store owners warns that the county is concerned with crime and other nuisances associated with liquor stores. It is now considering tightening control over which stores can sell single cans and bottles of beer.

“I’m gonna fight. I’m gonna fight all the way down,” said Kang.

Kang is outraged. He says about 40 percent of his sales come from the purchase of single cans of beer.

Kang and about 100 other store owners showed up at a county meeting this week to hear the new proposed rules.

Liquor store owners would have to apply for a $1,000 conditional permit for the ability to continue selling the single serve beers, but also face the possibility of being denied a permit.

Kang says Sacramento County already requires him to have 20 other permits just to open up his liquor store doors. He hangs most of them on the wall in the back and is running out of room. He has permits for selling retail food, tobacco, and owning an alarm system. Now there could be a new permit.

If the proposal passes, it will go into effect in May.


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