MODESTO (CBS13) – A Modesto wife and mother speaks for the first time about the arrest of her husband — a federal officer — for allegedly killing one of his best friends.

Heather Moreno says her husband would never intentionally hurt the friend he’s accused of murdering.

“My kids ask me when he’s gonna come back and I don’t know,” said Heather.

She may be speaking out for the first time since her husband Robert’s arrest, but she has dedicated the last few months to sharing his story online.

“He’s never been in trouble,” Heather said. “He’s never been arrested in his life.”

The website is a look into the couple’s last 11 years, showing a seemingly young and happy couple with two sons.

Heather writes on the website about the fight for his freedom after the U.S. Department of Defense officer landed in jail.

It was last summer when Robert and his friend came to the now-former O’Malley’s bar in Modesto. Robert was off-duty but armed when the pair found themselves in a fight with two other men.

Robert is accused of shooting fellow Officer Daryl Chargualaf twice during a fight with the two men. He told investigators that he shot his friend accidentally while firing off a warning shot.

Chargualaf’s death would lead to Robert’s arrest and the charge of murder in the killing of his long-time friend.

“All I could say is, you know, my husband loved Daryl and he would never hurt Daryl,” said Heather.

She says life has been very difficult since her husband’s arrest.

“I’m living a nightmare. It really is; it’s like a nightmare and I feel like I’m living someone else’s life,” Heather said.

Heather strongly believes that one day she and her husband will walk out of jail together and Robert, who once served his country and never got into trouble with the law, will one day be free.

“I do have sad days because I miss him. I miss all of us being together,” Heather said.

Court documents reveal Robert suffered post traumatic stress disorder after his deployment. It’s something Heather didn’t want to talk about. Only time will tell if those details will be revealed in court this summer during his preliminary hearing.

Robert also faces an attempted murder charge for shooting another man in the fight. His bail is set at $2.9 million.


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