CERES (CBS13) – Eleven dogs were rescued from a filthy studio in Ceres, and thanks to volunteers they are cleaned up and on their way to new homes.

Animal control stepped in after neighbors complained about the woman hoarding the dogs.

The playful pups are doing remarkably well considering what they’ve been through.

“There was feces and urine covered everywhere, all over the animals and the place,” said Annette Patton, Stanislaus Animal Services Agency.

The agency rescued nearly a dozen small dogs from a woman hoarding the pets in a Ceres studio apartment.

“When the dogs came in, the poor little things, they smelled horribly as you can imagine. The hair was completely matted,” Patton said.

The four-legged friends are in great health and got a much needed makeover thanks to volunteers.

“When it comes to animals, this community is very giving — especially this group of groomers. With one call, they were here,” Patton said.

One call and a few hours of work later, the pups got a whole new look and are now getting a second chance.

“After a nice bath, trimming and sprucing up, they are happy, running around, playing again,” said Patton.

Some of the dogs saved from the filthy home were placed with rescue groups. Five will soon be available for adoption, and a pair of pregnant dogs will need a foster home.

“We welcome everyone to come in to look at them, enjoy them, because they will be going to nice homes,” said Patton.

Because the woman surrendered the dogs to animal control, she won’t be charged with animal cruelty.


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