SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A driver had a close call Tuesday morning after he was nearly hit by a freight train in Sacramento. Unfortunately his car couldn’t be saved.

The accident happened at 14th Avenue and Power Inn Road. The car appeared to be wedged under the train’s freight car when CBS13 arrived on the scene. We spoke to the driver of the car who says he went the wrong way at the intersection and drove onto the train tracks when the car stalled. He got it restarted, but couldn’t get off the tracks in time.

The driver only had about five seconds to get out of the car before the train hit it with a deafening crunch.

“I started it and tried to get off the tracks and it just so happened I saw it coming and hopped out and got out of the way,” said the driver. “It just hit it.”

The driver was not injured in the crash. It’s unknown if he will be cited.

A long line of vehicles were waiting to cross the tracks as Union Pacific and Sacramento Police investigated the incident.


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