Lob City was in town on Tuesday, which meant Grant hosted the show live from Sleep Train Arena in preparation for the Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Clippers game. Grant previewed the lineups for the game and gave his take on what should be expected when playing a team as explosive as the Clippers. Grant covered the NCAA brackets and shared some of his thoughts on the upcoming matchups. Grant also voiced his excitement for the Playing To Win Tour that is embarking tonight.

Sean Thomas came on the show to talk about the Playing To Win Tour, the three-to-four-week, multi-city road trip that he is a part of to garner national support to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

Thomas discussed the outreach and support of the Playing To Win Tour from fans and businesses, the itinerary for each stop along the trip, the driving shifts that will have to be worked out each day, the sacrifices the group is making to embark on this endeavor, the video that will be taken each day and his response to critics that may feel this trip is self-promoting.

With the NCAA Tournament getting ready to begin, Jay Rood, MGM’s VP of Race and Sports, came on the show to discuss NCAA Tournament gambling.

Rood discussed NCAA Tournament betting vs. betting on the Super Bowl, popular side bets, the impact underdogs can have on NCAA betting, the atmosphere in Las Vegas during March Madness and the favorites to win the 2013 World Series.

Rood also offered up some advice to aspiring betters if they plan to venture to Vegas to wager some money during the tournament.

Vinny Del Negro, head coach of the Clippers, took some time to talk with Grant courtside.

Del Negro talked about the tune-ups the Clippers need to make to be a championship contender, allowing his players to play to their strengths, the amazing play of Chris Paul, his thoughts on the Kings’ acquisition of Patrick Patterson, his road from being an NBA player to being an NBA head coach, the Clippers’ road to the playoffs and his transition from coaching the Chicago Bulls to coaching the Clippers.

As a player who started his career in Sacramento, Del Negro also offered up his thoughts on the potential relocation of the Kings.

Jason Ross covered the end of the show for Grant as Grant switched over to his television duties.

Jason interviewed Clippers’ radio play-by-play voice Brian Sieman before the start of the game.

Sieman talked about calling Blake Griffin’s dunks and always having to be ready for something he’s never seen before, the Clippers’ turnaround the past two seasons, the history of Los Angeles traditionally being a Lakers town, the atmosphere at Staples Center when the Lakers and Clippers play each other and his memories at the arena in Sacramento.


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