DIXON (CBS13) – Fire crews responded to a three-alarm fire burning a hanger at a small Dixon airport Thursday evening.

“We’re alive. We got our dogs out, got my wife out. That’s all that counts, ya know?” said Robert Magowan.

Responders arrived at the Dixon Aviation hanger at the Maine Prairie Airport off southbound Highway 113 around 9 p.m. The hanger is usually used for maintenance on agricultural aircrafts — such as crop dusters — officials say.

Dixon firefighters quickly ran out of water battling the flames. Due to the rural location, firefighters had to order mutual aid water tenders from surrounding cities.

Robert Williams watched his home burn to the ground in minutes when the fire started.

“Heard a couple of pops and I went running outside and it was just burning so fast we barely had time to get out,” he said.

Williams lived in one of the four trailers. He worked in the 5,000 square foot hanger.

At least six people lost their homes.

“What you see I’ve got on is what I got,” said Williams.

Firefighters estimate there is up to a million dollars worth of damage to the property. No injuries were reported.

The fire is being called suspicious at this point.


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