WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One man’s prized keepsakes were sold off to the highest bidder. That man had his items in a storage locker he was paying for, but the items were sold anyway.

After CBS13 told his story there was some good news to report.

“I’m very sad because my dad trusted me to keep these things,” said Ryan Carr, whose items were sold.

Less than a week ago, Carr came to CBS13 upset because his father, a retired West Sacramento fire fighter, had passed away. When Ryan went to retrieve his father’s uniform from his storage unit he learned National Self Storage had auctioned almost all of the contents, including the uniform.

“I knew the turnouts were in my storage locker, so yesterday morning I went to the locker and found a different lock on there,” said Carr.

While National Self Storage says they are investigating what went wrong, they did promise to try to help.

“I received a call from the vice president of National Self Storage,” he said.

And Carr heard some uplifting news.

“Some of my items were returned,” he said.

And he didn’t get all of the items back, Ryan found some he thought he’d never see again: Captain Carr’s uniform.

“It’s a memoir, you know. It’s something to help me remember my dad,” he said. “I’m appreciative of the buyer for returning what he did. He had no legal obligation to do so.”

As for what caused the items to be sold, Carr says he’s still trying to figure it out. It’s situation he hopes no one else has to deal with.

“In particular, this facility, I would hope they use a lot more caution before auctioning off people’s life collections,” he said.

National Self Storage told CBS13 that while they are not taking responsibility for what happened, they were happy to get Carr some of his items back.


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