DAVIS (CBS13) – The Solano County Coroner has released the identities of two people who were killed in a crash on Interstate 80 in Davis on Thursday.

Phang Phetsomphou, 76, and wife Bouaket Phetsomphou, 74, from Petaluma were killed when a big rig hit their BMW sedan head-on near Old Davis Road.

At around 10:35 a.m., a big rig was driving on eastbound I-80 at Old Davis Road when the driver says he choked on food and passed out.

“He was eating while he was driving and started choking on what he was eating,” CHP Officer Chris Parker said.

The truck hit two cars and drove through the center divide and into oncoming traffic.

“It was at that point that the driver regained consciousness and unfortunately already into the westbound lanes and hit another BMW head-on,” said Parker.

The collision caused both vehicles to burst into flames.

“You shouldn’t be eating, putting on makeup, talking on a cell phone, this is one of the perfect examples about distracted driving,” said Parker.

Some vehicles were stuck in backed up traffic for so long they were running near empty.

“We’ve had more customers on a Thursday than I think I’ve had since I started working here, just from people coming in stopping. There’s just so much traffic,” Shell employee Brandon Brooks said.

Officers are trying to determine if the big rig driver should be cited for distracted driving.


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