SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police say a north Natomas man stepped in to help some children in an apparent attack and ended up being stabbed himself.

Jonathan Robinson, 32, remains in a coma at UC Davis Medical Center fighting for his own life after an attack at North Pointe Park Apartments on Zurlo Way.

“He’s fighting for his life because of it, because he was helping someone,” Robinson’s mother Tina Parker said.

Parents Tina and John say their son has always been the type to help out.

“He was doing the right thing,” said John.

It was the right thing to do that resulted in Robinson being stabbed seven times.

“Still on a ventilator, still unconscious, still fighting for his life,” said Parker of her son’s condition. “He saw these people harassing these kids, and he stepped in to try to stop it.”

Robinson underwent six hours of emergency surgery.

“They stabbed him under the arm, was bleeding quite a lot, so they had to open his chest up also,” said Parker.

Officers have tracked down two suspects they believe are responsible, but haven’t released their identities.

“I hope that the guys get put away,” said John.

Despite the arrests, his family wants to make sure justice is served.

“We need witnesses who saw what happened to help Jonathan for a change. Maybe we could help him,” said Parker.

The suspects are expected to be arraigned in court Wednesday.


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