SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Scared out of her mind, a mother and her kids climbed out of their second-floor window during a SWAT standoff in Oak Park.

“They helped us get out and took us over there where my mom and dad was and my nieces,” she said.

Officers used a ladder for the daring rescue while a suspect barricaded himself in their home.

Isabelle says she woke up to some yelling. It was the SWAT team telling to her that it was time to get out.

“They were just telling me to get out for the safety and stuff like that,” she said.

Isabelle woke her three little kids and helped them climb down a ladder propped up by police against their bedroom window.

Isabelle says her brother, Alfredo Rodriguez, showed up uninvited Thursday night. While Isabelle was upstairs, he allegedly beat their sister, grabbed a knife and barricaded himself in the Oak Park home.

“He’s not a bad guy,” said Isabelle of her brother.

But she says Rodriguez put their sister in the hospital. Family says she has bruises all over her body and was choked unconscious.

“I was really crying. I almost had an anxiety attack myself,” said Angela Jones, the victim’s daughter.

She showed up just as her mother was taken away in an ambulance and police were about to rescue Isabelle and her kids.

“I was just worried about the kids and everyone getting out of the house. He could stay in there and the SWAT could go in and get him,” said Jones.

Rodriguez surrendered just before the SWAT team made their move. Isabelle says her brother and sister aren’t welcome here anymore.

She doesn’t want her kids around the potential danger.

“You know, I love my kids, know what I’m saying? I don’t want nothing to happen to my kids, nothing like that. Their safety comes first,” said Isabelle.

The victim is still in the hospital.

Rodriguez was arrested on assault charges and booked at Sacramento County Jail.


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