SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Japan and South Korean officials say they have information an attack could happen on Wednesday, but U.S. officials say it’ll most likely be another test launch.

Meantime, North Korea is warning foreigners in South Korea to get out or risk getting caught up in a nuclear war.

So, is this all bluster or the real deal?

Concerns are not only rising on a political level across the globe, but in Sacramento, relatives are also glued to the TV to see just what North Korea is capable of doing.

In-Bo Yee keeps busy stocking shelves at KP International Market in Rancho Cordova. He tries to forget about what could happen nearly 6,000 miles to the east.

“It makes me nervous,” he said.

That is because, he says, he feels a bit helpless with his mother and younger sister so far away.

“I worry more than them. They not thinking about that. They just, when I ask them, they laughing,” said Yee.

But, he is not the only one who worries.

“I sometimes call them. ‘Are you ok? Any problems?’ ” South Korea immigrant Misun Yi said of family. “They don’t know much, and they don’t seriously think about that.”

Yi says the reason is because a threat of war is something the South Korean people face nearly everyday.

“All the time, they, North Korea, says ‘OK, we have this and that,’ and so they are used to it,” she said.

However, Yee is not used to it. He still visits family in South Korea but admits he gets nervous getting on the plane.

“Now I’m afraid I’ll never come back when I’m there; and, if they attack, I can’t escape from there,” he said.

Despite the threats, South Korea’s tourism board says it has not seen any mass cancellations.


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