By Dave “Deuce” Mason

SACRAMENTO-Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson told reporters on Wednesday night that money is not an issue in Sacramento’s fight to keep the Kings.

The Bee reported on Wednesday afternoon that the Maloof Family has set a Friday deadline for the Sacramento investor group to submit a written binding back-up offer that matches the Seattle bid.

The Maloofs would consider the back-up offer if it’s submitted by Friday at 5 p.m. and if the NBA blocks the deal with Seattle, according to the Sacramento Bee.

“They know the number. We articulated to all the owners, and attorneys have reached out to the Maloof family,” Johnson said.

“They know what the number is. They know it’s better than competitive.”

Johnson said the Sacramento investor group has been in contact with the NBA and the Maloofs attorneys on a regular basis.

“I feel very comfortable with how strong our bid is and how competitive it is,” Johnson said.

 The NBA Board of Governors’ decision on the future of the Kings may take place on April 18-19. 


Stay tuned to CBS Sports 1140 and CBS 13 for the latest on the Kings future in Sacramento.


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