SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Gov. Jerry Brown surprised everyone when he said a man was arrested after he was found on the governor’s balcony on Sunday night.

Today, we caught up with the governor to ask if he feels safe or if Californians should wonder about his safety after Jamal Johnson’s attempted burglary.

“How’d that guy get up there, is that a concern? Look, what I’m concerned about is our schools in Sacramento and throughout California,” Brown said. “This is just someone who happened to be very industrious who managed to unfortunately get through an open door.”

Doug Elmets runs a business on the second floor of Brown’s building and he says a restaurant worker left a street-level side door open. Cops say that was all Johnson needed to get in. He took the stairs to the roof and eventually got onto the governor’s balcony.

Cops arrested Johnson after he started screaming for help, for some reason.

Elmets said you need a key to get just about anywhere in the building.

“And then of course the governor has CHP guys around here,” he said, “and that in itself provides an extra level of security.”

We asked the governor’s office if the CHP stands guard when the governor isn’t here, but all they would say is the governor’s security detail follows him wherever he goes because of safety concerns.


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