STOCKTON (CBS13) – A third serious crime on campus has San Joaquin Delta College students worried about their safety.

The latest attack on students happened in the student parking lot, while security cameras were rolling, just after night classes on Tuesday.

A trio of suspects ordered a group of five students to empty their pockets and hand over their cellphones and wallets.

But the thieves didn’t know that the students had activated their phones’ GPS, a move that led campus police officers straight to them.

Officers arrested a 21-year-old and a pair of underage teens at an apartment not far from campus. The students said the adult acted like he had a gun on him.

The parking lot robbery is the third serious campus crime in about a week. Police are also investigating a sexual assault Friday morning in a campus hallway where a man punched a woman before groping her. A thief also tried to rip off a backpack from a woman walking on campus.

“I try to take day classes,” said student Angelina Silva. “I try to avoid night classes here.”

Some students say it’s clear the city of Stockton’s crime problem is crossing campus lines.

“There’s no boundaries when it comes down to crime and it’s a sad thing to see,” said Felix Espino.

The suspects are locked up and officers are investigating if they are connected to other crimes. Campus police have placed security mirrors in all of the stairwells and hope to add additional surveillance cameras.


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