It’s April 25, and every time the 25th of the month comes up, it reminds him of the Santa Claus bit he would do with the late Steve Bryant. This gets Doni talking about how Steve almost single handedly brought the show down just a few months ago. After some fun Steve bashing, the guys talk a bit about the NFL draft tonight, and we also hear that A.J. Clemente will be on Kelly and Michael later today. Don then tells us a story about a Polish Catholic priest who is in trouble for having whipped cream licked off of his knees by high school students. This gets the guys dropping Polish jokes, and Don asks when it was that Polish jokes stopped being so popular. We then hear about a Texas man who’s “negroidal” comments about an African-American grocery store bagger that got him banned from the store.

We also listen to a video of a Rehoboth Beach, DE man getting tasered by police for being drunk and belligerent, while his loud obnoxious wife looks on with her camera, before the guys talk about the new artist renderings of the proposed Sacramento Arena, and jumping into another Rotating Random Phone Scan. Today, Don asks what video game you’d like to see turned into a movie, Drew asks for your favorite cop story, Phantom wants to know who your favorite Jennifer is, Craig wants to hear about your worst injury while intoxicated, Little Joe asks for your favorite Pacino movie, and Slow Joe wants your most pretentious rock songs.

After finding out that metal god Jason Newsted, who’s supposed to be on the show today, will have to reschedule, the guys talk heavy metal, before hearing that Mark Wahlberg would do a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch reunion for the people of Boston. It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, sales of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” has increased by 600%, Casey Anthony is getting donations from people through the mail, a Cleveland Brown is busted for soliciting prostitution, and an Iowa man’s nicotine addiction ends a 31 hour standoff. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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