STOCKTON (CBS13) – The family who believes they were targeted by a suspected peeping Tom in Stockton is reacting Friday to the arrest of Jerry Lee Adams.

Police say the transient was picked up on an outstanding warrant. Now they’re investigating to see if a charge is warranted in the peeping Tom case.

The family’s own surveillance camera caught eerie images of a stranger peering into the window of a teenage daughter’s bedroom. The act lasted for nearly two minutes.

The 17-year-old, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “This creeper’s looking into my room as I’m sleeping. What did he want from me? Why was he staring at me?”

She continued, “I have no clue who this guy was. None of my family, we don’t even recognize the guy.”

Stockton Police say they arrested Adams on the city’s north side. Police had posted the surveillance video on their department Facebook page, in hopes that someone would recognize the man.

Police have reason to believe he’s done this before. Officer Joey Silva, said, “If we didn’t have the surveillance video and put that Facebook video out, he still could be out there prowling, committing more crimes.”

The alleged victim said, “I wanted to jump up and down I was so happy, I’ve been scared thinking he might pop up somewhere, he might come out.”

Raw: Peeping tom caught on tape


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