PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — A mom managed to fight off an intruder who followed her home and tried to grab her 15-month-old daughter.

Police say Jason Wayrenen followed Patricia Patino into her Placerville apartment shortly after 8 a.m. and ripped her daughter from her arms, holding her child on the ground.

But in those terrifying moments, police say Patricia wrestled her daughter away from Wayrenen, quickly putting her in a room where her other kids were hiding.

Her oldest daughter, who was at school when the attempted kidnapping happened, said she believes her mom had no problem dealing with Wayrenen.

“I’ve played with my mom, like arm wrestled, so she’s pretty strong and I believe she could have done that,” said Brenda Patino.

A friend of the mom who was at the apartment called police during the intrusion and struggle. They arrived within minutes and arrested Wayrenen.

Police say Patricia’s bravery may have saved her child from much worse. They are calling her a hero—something her oldest daughter is proud of.

“She taught us how to do things, to be brave, to not be scared, and I really do think she is a hero.”

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