Tuesday on The Jason Ross Show we talk about all the latest news on the Kings. Yesterday, the NBA Finance and Relocation committee recommended the Kings don’t relocate to Seattle. We asked listeners to sum up yesterday in one word.

Former Kings Guard Doug Christie joins The Jason Ross Show to talk about the latest news on the Kings future in Sacramento and how this city deserves to keep this team. He touches on the passionate fan base and says, “it’s something he has never experienced.” Fans also call in to ask him some questions.

Chris Hansen released a statement on his website last night saying the Seattle Group plans on unequivocally stating their case to the owners at the upcoming Board of Governor’s Meeting. We asked fans what they made of it?

Local Investor Phil Oates joins The Jason Ross show to talk about the latest news on the Kings not being relocated to Seattle. He describes the moment he heard the news about the recommendation from the NBA, saying he had chills. He also touches on what the Kings future holds in Sacramento.

The Warriors are up 3-1 in the7 game series against the Nuggets. We asked listeners if it is ALL OVER for Denver tonight?


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