TRUCKEE (CBS13) — It’s a sight Evan Nielsen had to rewatch again and again to believe, even though he recorded the video.

A black bear, making itself comfortable in his truck, after somehow opening the door and hopping in.

“Honestly I thought he was a beautiful animal. I was pretty mesmerized by the whole thing.” he said.

At one point, it seems like he even waves to the camera. but it’s clear. The bear wants out, and let’s Evan know.

“At one point, he had both hands up on the steering wheel, honking the horn with his snout. It was pretty amazing for awhile.”

Evan knew he had to get this guy out, because in the battle of bear versus truck, this man-made vehicle wasn’t holding up too well. Evan called the Truckee police, and after careful consideration, they opened the door, and the bear crawled out and went back to his hiding spot without hurting anyone.

So why did the bear end up in his truck? He thinks it may have been a container filled with tea he left in his other car, which had its windows down. The bear got in, took a big gulp, then went to Evan’s truck looking for seconds.

Evan has a really good attitude, considering his car is pretty much destroyed. Evan says he was never really too scared of the bear. He just waited for police to come and let him out.

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