DAVIS (CBS13) — Jim and Mary Northup have been searching for answers in a nightmare the past three weeks.

Their father, Chip Northup, and stepmother, Claudia Maupin, were found brutally murdered in the couple’s Davis home in April.

“They mutilated them,” Jim said.

The pain comes not just from losing a parent, but knowing their violent end.

“They were stabbed multiple times,” said Mary. “Their faces were slashed.

According to Northup’s family, the couple was found laying in their bed. Family members called police after not hearing from the couple. Without any obvious motive—the Northups say nothing was taken from the couple’s home—they are at a loss.

“That’s why I’m really concerned about them finding this person,” Mary said, “because I think this is totally random.

And they also wonder if this seemingly random attack may have anything to do with the stabbing death of 8-year-old Leila Fowler in Calaveras County. Investigators say they have made no connections and would only say they continue to search for a suspect.

For the family left behind, the hope is someone provides answers.

“We would urge anybody who might know anything about this to please help out,” Jim said.


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