By Bobbye Jo Green

BottleRock Napa is only one day away; and now is the time to wonder if there is a technique to dancing your heart out whilst holding a glass of Zin. This unique festival celebrates its first year in existence with five days of platinum music, comedy, wine, beer, gourmet food, and local artistry.

Gossip preceding the event wonders if BottleRock will be the Coachella of NorCal, although perhaps with fewer crop-tops. In any case, the music with be on par with the Napa wine vendors who will be out in full force. Continue on for a list of recommended pairings.

  • If you plan to catch Maclemore and Ryan Lewis show Wednesday night, it is recommended you pair with a sassy, sweet and yes affordable Lost Angel Moscato. Although, you’re not likely to find a bottle in your favorite Thrift Shop.

    Ryan Lewis & Macklemore (credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

    Ryan Lewis & Macklemore (credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

  • Thursday night your palate might crave a deeper, more established, instrumental taste; Primus, matched with an equally established V. Sattui 2010 Reserve Pino Noir. If you could swill the sound of Les Claypool’s bass, this earthy Pino would be the way to do it.
  • Let’s be honest with each other, there are TOO many incredible acts to choose from at BottleRock Napa (60!) So Friday evening while you’re trying to maintain your cool while racing from The Shins to the Flaming Lips to The Black Keys, take a second to appreciate the chemistry in the air and in your cup…of that Edict Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Don’t act like you haven’t classed up a Hot Pocket with a bottle of cheeky Chardonnay. Saturday night in the Comedy Closet, Jim Gaffigan might be craving bacon and cake, but you’ll be chuckling with satisfaction, sipping that LLOYD by Robert Lloyd. Then go see Kings of Leon, obviously.

    2012 Golden Goggle Awards

    Jim Gaffigan (credit: Getty Images)

  • Relax, it’s Sunday – day of soul. It’s 2 p.m. and there is nothing more appealing than Kacey Musgraves and that spicy little IPA. Next it’s Mavis Staples and, let’s face it, probably a water at this point. After all, one must prepare oneself for Zac Brown Band at 8:30.

Just as the word “wine” is clearly meant to accompany the phrase “Rock and Roll”, “food” and “truck” were meant to be together. The best of the best in movable feasts will be present amongst the cookery elite of the Napa Valley. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing cuisine from this region, BottleRock Napa has got you covered. True to their roots, a solid majority of the food vendors featured are committed to locally grown, sustainable ingredients. Traxx Open Pit Barbecue, for instance, even uses wood from the Red Oak native to northern California upon which to grill. There’s nothing more worth breaking your summer diet for than sinking your teeth into anything by Napa favorite the Model Bakery who will also be present. Bye-bye bikini, hello cupcake. For a full list of the featured fare click here.

So now that you’re tapping your foot, sipping some vino and trying to eat a crepe as neatly as possible, you wonder to yourself, “who built that amazing guitar arch over the entrance?” His name is Richard Von Saal, local artist and design extraordinaire. The entry way made from massive wooden guitar necks as well as other art featured inside the festival were designed and built by Von Saal himself. He’s kind of a big deal.

The Black Keys (credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The Black Keys (credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Although art, incredible wine and Rock legions weren’t enough for the organizers of this freshman festival, no sir. BottleRock Napa will host an array of various fundraising events to benefit their legion of local non-profit partners, as well as larger causes like autism. The BACCHUS Group (Bands, Artists, Comedians and Communities Helping Us Serve) will host special goodwill events in what is called the WillPower Pavilion. Festival attendees may participate in silent auctions, learn about various charities as well as listen to private acoustic shows by BottleRock artists. Fear not, if you’re too busy wandering down the wine-dy way, $1 from every beverage purchased at the festival will go to local fundraising causes through the BACCHUS Benefits Group. No, loyal festival goers, it’s not NorCal Coachella. It is so much more.

An occasion such as BottleRock Napa will pull in music-philes throughout the distant reaches of the golden state and beyond. Lucky for Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland and San Rafael, organizers have arranged “Bottle Buses” to pick up in the morning and drop off after the last show on each day of the festival. Perhaps the bus drivers will play Demetri Martin’s “These Are Jokes” stand-up album, to prepare for Friday night’s show…just a suggestion. Information on transportation and other logistics can be found here.

It would be an understatement to say that expectations are high for BottleRock, although it has yet to see the glare of the spotlights. There is still much to be discovered, tasted, heard and experienced in the days ahead. To borrow from The Black Keys, “Someone said true love was dead, but I’m bound to fall, bound to fall for you. Oh what can I do?”

Buy a ticket.

Grab your sunscreen.

Get on that BottleBus!


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