MODESTO (CBS13) — More than a dozen cats have been found poisoned in Modesto in what’s believed to be a case of cat cruelty.

Neighbors at the intersection of Camilla Drive and Encina Avenue in Modesto are losing their felines at a rapid rate.

They say more than a dozen feral and household cats have mysteriously died, and more dead cats were found at a nearby park.

The cause? Neighbors say it’s antifreeze-laced bait.

Ron Posey’s cat Frosty helped him through his fight with cancer. She too was recently poisoned.

“She was our prize and it’s pretty heart-wrenching,” Posey said. “Somebody is doing something out there.”

If it was antifreeze, it was a slow, merciless death.

“Which is horribly painful. The animals are crying and they can’t even drink water,” said cat owner Dawn Dalyce.

They’ve called Modesto police, but still no arrest.

Leah West says Little Girl, her cat of 17 years, was also poisoned.

“What if it was your family member going through a miserable death, and you could do nothing about it? How would you feel?”


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