MODESTO (CBS13) — Deputies answering a call for help were fired on in Modesto on Thursday morning.

Neighbors on Seattle Avenue in west Modesto were awakened by the sound of gunfire. When Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated a report of shots fired and a woman screaming for help, they found the home and realized something wasn’t right.

“The people inside the house were playing with the light switches, they were going on and off,” said Deputy Raj Singh.

That was a sign for deputies to take cover. Moments later, investigators say someone opened fire on the pair of deputies. Neighbors heard the commotion.

“It was kind of scary because it’s near our home,” said Stephanie Cabrera.

Investigators say the deputies did not return fire. They’re working to figure out what sparked the original shooting and why the gunman allegedly opened fire on the deputies.

“I’m very surprised,” said neighbor Jose Acosta, “I was thinking, ‘Here we go, a big war.’”

Deputies arrested a woman for firing a gun, while two others were arrested on outstanding warrants.


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