SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The flavor of your daily cup of java could soon be changing as “coffee rust” is causing a big problem with imported beans.

The Rogers Family Coffee Company in Lincoln has been producing your early cup of Joe for years, but the local mom and pop shop has seen a major buzz kill for the future flavor of your coffee.

“This is the first year we have actually seen a bad siege of Roya,” company President Jon Rogers said.

Roya, a coffee disease also known as coffee rust, is affecting farmers’ beans in Latin America — the same beans used to make your coffee.

“It’s a fungicide, a fungus that gets on the trees, starts on the leaves, kills the trees, and the trees go into hibernation or dies,” said Rogers.

Over 30 percent of the crop is gone for those higher quality coffee beans.

“Next year they are saying 50 or 60 percent will be gone,” said Rogers.

The loss is growing and will eventually affect the flavor and taste.

“If you drink it black, I would think it would be a very pronounced difference,” said Rogers.

The good news is experts say if you use cream and sugar in your coffee you might not taste a big difference. But only time will tell with each time you take a sip.

The Rogers Family Coffee Company produces several different coffee brands, including the San Francisco Bay Coffee found locally at Costco.

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