Armor-Clad Mayor Asks City: ‘Who’s Willing To Fight For Stockton?’

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STOCKTON (CBS13) – It’s not exactly how you expect a state of the city address to go, a mayor pulling out his own warrior gear to make his point.

“Who’s willing to fight for Stockton?” asked Mayor Anthony Silva.

The unusual address came with jokes and jabs but had a serious message for the city.

“Who’s willing? If you are willing, stand up and show me you are willing to fight for the city,” said Silva.

After his almost hour-long speech, Silva pulled out armor with a helmet and mace while asking the crowd to go to war for the broke and crime-ridden city.

It was a dramatic finish to the new mayor’s first ever state of the city address.

“I have a question for you. Did all of you leave your egos at the door or did some of you sneak them in?” said Silva.

That was the theme of the speech: Leave your ego at the door.

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