By Steve Large

MARSYVILLE (CBS13) — A construction project in Marysville has business owners worried about how detours and closures will affect their livelihoods.

The construction is on Highway 70 from 6th Street to around 10th to 13th Streets.

Mike Hurley owns the ARCO franchise on the 700 block of E Street. The location is a gas station owner’s dream with traffic rolling by from the freeway. But the massive construction project is about to be a big roadblock on Hurley’s bottom line. He says he’s bracing for a 25 to 30-percent loss as drivers will be sent on detours and lanes will be lost.

The $50 million project is slated to take two years, and the highways are expected to last until 2050.

Caltrans is planning to keep sidewalks and driveways open during construction and is also posting a billboard reminding people the city is open for business.

Hurley says he is still bracing for bad times, warning employees he’ll have to cut back their hours.

“You hate to have to lay anybody off,” he said. “And the problem is out here, there’s no other jobs for them to get.”


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