NEWCASTLE (CBS13) — A couple built their dream home from the ground up with nearly all American goods.

Everywhere in the home, there are signs that almost the entire house is made in America. And the owners say it only took a lot more research and a bit more money.

“There’s a real pride in having all this product be American made in our home,” said Renee Dubois.

Renee and her husband, Patrick, say they’ve built the American dream from the ground up. American made materials and products make up 98 percent of the brand-new home’s construction, inside and out.

“We had to research every single company that went into the house to make sure,” she said.

More than 100 manufacturers from all over the country were used to make everything from the wood framing of the home to the faucets and fixtures.

But home contractor Laz Reinhardt says the Dubois probably paid a lot more Ben Franklins for their patriotic home, because American-made products are a lot more expensive.

“I think that’s a great idea, but it would be really hard for me to do that,” Reinhardt said. “If my customer wants the lowest cost, and if I use American cabinets, I’m out of the bid.”

The Dubois say they did go over-budget and had to find ways to cut costs.

“Smoke detectors—the budget was $11 for an imported one,” Renee said. “It was about $60 for an American-made one. Unfortunately we couldn’t justify that cost.

But Reinhardt says if you buy American, you’ll get a better product. That makes the investment worthwhile, if you can afford it.

“It’s a good wake-up call for us every now and then to think about the fact we do need to invest in America.”


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