Wednesday on The Jason Ross Show we talk about Game 3 of the NBA Finals. The Spurs blowout the Heat last night and we asked listeners what they felt was a bigger surprise: Green and Neal carrying the Spurs or LeBron’s struggles?

The Jason Ross Show welcomes NFL Analyst Herm Edwards. He talks about the Niners and why Colin Kaepernick will keep improving with Harbaugh as his coach. He also touches on Tim Tebow and why the Patriots brought him in the mix and how he probably won’t be playing quarterback. Lastly he touches on Jamarcus Russell’s comeback and why it’s a risk to put him on a roster.

There was a lot of tension going in the baseball world last night. The Diamondbacks and Dodgers got in a pretty intense brawl. We asked listeners which is more entertaining: A hockey fight or a baseball brawl?

The Jason Ross Show welcomes Former NBA player and ASU Assistant Coach Eric Musselman. He talks about the NBA Finals and touches on LeBron’s game last night. He talks about where Danny Green came from before landing a spot in the NBA and talks about his performance in this series so far.

The Giants fall to the Pirates and Scutaro goes down after being hit with a pitch to his hand. The Giants are now without Pagan, Scutaro and Sandoval for the time being. Is it too early to say the Giants won’t be repeating?


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