SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Despite overwhelming vocal support to build a new Kings arena in downtown Sacramento, there are still some people don’t want that.

A group calling itself STOP (Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork) is moving forward with a petition to put the taxpayer-funded arena to a public vote.

James Cathcart wants to make it clear that he loves basketball and the Kings. What he doesn’t love is not having a voice on the $258 million taxpayer will spend on a new downtown arena.

“This is the single biggest redevelopment project in the city of Sacramento; and we believe the people have a right to vote on the issue,” said Cathcart.

STOP, of which Cathcart is the treasurer, has been given the go-ahead from the city attorney to start a petition to get a downtown area initiative on the ballot.

“The economy is tough right now. I think we should be able to choose what the city spends our money on,” Sacramento resident Barbara Rudin said.

Carlene Demarco felt the same way, which is why she showed up at a volunteer workshop.

“Something’s wrong with our system if we don’t have a voice in this. That’s why I’m totally for getting signatures and getting this on the ballot,” said Demarco. “We turned it down twice already.”

In the next three weeks, STOP must collect 33,000 signatures to get the initiative on the December ballot.

“Even supporters of the Kings, they still want a vote,” said Cathcart.

The city council is expected to vote on allocating the first $6.5 million to the project at Tuesday’s meeting.


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