DAVIS (CBS13) – More than 850 bicyclists hit the streets of Davis to ride as part of the 2013 Team LIVESTRONG challenge series.

While most understood the cause, some wondered if Lance Armstrong’s connection will hurt the LIVESTRONG image.

Since 1997, Team LIVESTRONG has raised more than $80 million to beat cancer.

“All these folks out here have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help people with cancer right now, which is what we do at LIVESTRONG,” said Chris Brewer.

Because of their contributions and advances in medicine there are more and more cancer survivors.

“This is kind of my celebration with my good friend that went through (cancer) with me,” said one rider.

Since LIVESTRONG is synonymous with Armstrong, some attendees felt his recent scandal made a negative impact on the organization’s reputation.

“I think it’s definitely been hurt, and it’s too bad. Because, what the organization does is so much more than what Lance brought to it,” said one attendee.

So many people are touched by cancer every day, so for some it makes no difference if the disgraced racer is involved or not.

“I know the scandal will always be tied to it, but I think because of the cause, the cause is so much bigger than the name. That’s what really matters,” said one woman.

However, there are those that believe LIVESTRONG may have even benefited from the scandal.

“We’ve been able to shine our light so we are able to serve more people,” said Brewer.

Five percent of the proceeds will go to support local organizations fighting cancer.


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