SUISUN CITY (CBS13) — Officers are searching for a murder suspect the victim described with her dying words.

The suspect stole the victim’s car to get away, but vanished after that. Now the question for officers is whether the alleged killer is dead or alive.

Wayne Robinson knew something was wrong when someone came knocking on his door.

“She was saying, ‘Somebody help me, please. Somebody’s trying to kill me.’”

He’d come out to discover his door and a woman covered in blood.

Suisun City Police say that woman was 32-year-old Lorena Martinez, who would later die from her stabbing wounds and become the city’s first murder victim of the year.

Suisun City Police say before she died, she named her friend, Victor Mejia, as her attacker. Mejia lived in the apartment next door.

“This was a brutal attack, numerous stab wounds,” said Suisun City Police Cmndr. Tim Mattos. “We’re still trying to do the background and see what led up to this brutal attack.”

They say Mejia would jump into Martinez’s car, drive to the Benecia Bridge where he would abandon it on the shoulder.

The question tonight is if he jumped into the water.

“Many people can think, assume that he jumped,” Mattos said. “Unfortunately we can’t assume anything until we have hard facts.”

Without a body, officers say the manhunt will continue.

For Wayne, it’s something that will haunt his family for some time.

“That’s like her last moments, at your door, begging for help.”

And police say Mejia does have tied to Mexico, so if he isn’t dead, they’re concerned he may be headed for the border.


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