Today on the Grant Napear Show there was a lot of talk about the NBA Draft and Aaron Hernandez. Grant talked about what the Sacramento Kings need in the draft and what he thought of Aaron Hernandez being charged with murder. Callers called in about Hernandez, the Kings’ draft, and Giants and A’s baseball. Grant interviewed Chris Roberts, John Sandler, Matt Barnes and John Rothstein.

UCLA Basketball play-by-play man Chris Roberts was on with Grant today. Grant asked about Shabazz Muhammad, who some say may fall to number seven in the NBA Draft to the Kings. Chris talked about Muhammad’s athleticism, his skill-set, as well as the flaws in his game.

UNLV Basketball play-by-play man John Sandler joined Grant to discuss draft prospect from UNLV Anthony Bennett. John talked about what Bennett does off the court that makes him special, and also talked about his on court tools that made him successful. Finally John talked about the areas of Bennett’s game that lack.

NBA Free Agent Matt Barnes was on with Grant today to talk about his offseason. Matt is helping out with a golf tournament in Roseville and discussed his involvement with that. Furthermore, he talked about his offseason as a free agent and what he’s expecting from the free agent market.

John Rothstein from the CBS Sports Network was on with Grant to talk about the NBA Draft. John went over the unpredictability of the 2013 draft, and talked about what he thought was available for teams. He also talked about his sleeper of the draft.


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