By Steve Large

DAVIS (CBS13) — A high-school coach of the year is out of the job at Davis High School, the latest dismissal fueling speculation politics are being played with coaches.

It’s no field of dreams. It’s a full-on feud in the Davis High athletic department.

“Everybody’s asking for answers and nobody’s giving them.”

Some parents are peeved, accusing the school board of making politics a priority over the kids by basing a coach’s hiring on the roster spots of board members’ children.

“This has something to do with board interference, overstepping, power play.”

Five coaches of major sports are gone in three years. Football, soccer, golf and most recently Julie Crawford, the defending champion girls’ volleyball coach, who was named coach of the year.

“And you don’t offer an explanation for why her contract is not renewed? Then it has to be small-town politics,” said retired football coach Dave Whitmore.

He spent 37 years at Davis High as a football coach, and he’s stepping back into the spotlight to voice opposition to the current coaching carousel.

When we asked the athletic director about the high number of coaching changes in recent years. He said “I don’t think what’s going on at the school is unusual,” adding, “Sometimes coaches aren’t a good fit. That’s the reason why high-school coaches are on one-year contracts.”

Some parents are calling baloney.

Crawford was at a coaching seminar in Southern California on Friday and said she is re-applying for the Davis High coaching job.


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