Keith and Dave kicked off the show by discussing the latest in the Aaron Hernandez case and whether the New England Patriots should be saddled with some of the blame for not recognizing that Hernandez would one day turn into a cold-blooded murderer.

The guys also hit on the Biogenesis scandal as well as the upcoming ESPN Body Issue, posing the question of which athlete the listeners would like to see tastefully pose nude for ESPN The Magazine. Needless to say, the “tastefully” part went right out the window as quickly as a villain in a cheap action movie.

After a show reset, the team debated whether the in-home viewing of an NFL game is now more enjoyable than attending a game at the stadium. They took a few calls before discussing the Jaguars’ decision to play the Red Zone Channel on their stadium Jumbotron.

Keith told a heartwarming story about a classmate of his daughter that’s been stricken with a major illness but was accommodated wonderfully by the Rivercats, as they not only hooked her up with tickets to the game, but took her out on the field to meet the players (among other things).

Then the boys wrapped it up with Nate giving the Red Card Tally for the day. Dave held a narrow lead by half a red card up until the end, when Nate and Mike D agreed that Keith’s ridiculous knee-high bumblebee socks were enough to override Dave’s flair for misogyny and make Keith the Red Card Loser for Tuesday.


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