Keith and Dave hit a variety of topics early on today, from the Biogenesis scandal in baseball that involves some pretty big names (such as Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez) to the upcoming All-Star game and Home Run Derby. They also touched on the Giants’ troubles lately while making sure to take shots at each other since Keith insisted on, once again, wearing knee-high socks with shorts.

Then, the team moved on to discussing which NFL team is prepared to make the biggest turnaround in the upcoming season. The Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions, and New York Jets.

During the Five Big Questions, the guys debated which QBs were primed for either a breakout or bounce-back season. Other topics included which MLB teams was best prepared to make a second-half run, whether the Lakers or Rockets would have a better season, if David Ortiz belongs in the Hall-of-Fame, and whether Rajon Rondo would be a good fit on the New York Knicks.

Next, it was on to “Would You Rather,” asking who you would choose to be your DH if you could choose from any player to have ever played. They also hit up who would make up and All-Time Home Run Derby and which remaining free agents would be the best fit on the Sacramento Kings.

The show closed, as usual, with the Red Card Payoff. Dave jumped out to a huge lead when Keith made a series of ridiculous claims early on in the show regarding his history of dating women with daddy issues. Keith made a late comeback, however, when Dave spent a good chunk of the last segment name-dropping people in the Kings’ organization. He also earned a few cards for bagging on Keith’s choice of clothing which, it was determined by Nate and Mike D, is acceptable because at least Keith has the good sense to match his outfits. Ultimately, Keith was the big loser of the day with nine red cards in contrast to Dave’s eight.


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