SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento man had a run-in with a runaway cow on Wednesday in South Sacramento.

The cow had broken free from its trailer and ran wild until firefighters reunited it with her calf.

Well before that reunion, Bradley Moates came face-to-face with the bovine.

“I thought we were in Spain for the running of the bulls.”

He stood outside the school he teaches, watching his students get on their buses when he noticed the 1,000-pound animal.

“We just look through our front gates, and the cow comes running through in a panic.”

Thankfully the cow ran past the students and onto the campus with firefighters not too far behind.

Bradley thought he could help catch the cow and ran to the gate to try to close it in.

But the cow that lost its calf knew she was being cornered.

“I was trying to shut it like this. She came through and it pushed it back so she hit me kind of into her.”

He said the cow head-butted him in the hip.

The force he says caused him to fly about 10 feet in the air before he landed on his back. He thought he’d broken his hip.

Luckily he didn’t, and eventually the panicked cow became exhausted and gave firefighters the chance to bring Mama and baby back together again.

As for Bradley, he says he feels a little stupid being bullied by a bovine.

“My grandparents are probably rolling in their grave right now, because they had cattle ranches. My brother has a cattle ranch, so this is kind of more embarrassing than it should be. You know, the city slicker son gets hit by the cow.”


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