TRACY (CBS13) — Vandals left a bloody bag full of dead rabbits at the home of a Tracy city councilwoman in the second disturbing find at her home in less than a week.

The family has no doubt the same person or people who rearranged Nancy Young’s landscaping rocks into a swastika is behind this latest discovery.

“Immediately I was saddened that anything had to lose its life to try and send whatever kind of message it is,” Young said. “They had cuts on them and there was blood dripping out of the bag.”

Young says her husband found the bag sitting in their driveway last week, just a couple of hours after dark.

“It’s frustrating, it’s unnerving to know that it’s right here at my home, and while we are in the house.”

This is the second time Young says she’s been targeted. Just days earlier, Nancy woke up to find her landscaping rocks rearranged into a swastika, while others were left behind her tires.

“Definitely, I think they are connected to each other.”

But she doesn’t know why the messages are being left. However, she is the only African-American woman on the city countil. She is very active in her community, as well as her church.

“This could also be a tactic to just try to get us off track from our purpose, and we refuse to do that.”

Nancy says she also refuses to let the horrific messages scare her.

“I can’t walk in fear, because it’s stifling. It’s no way to live.”

And even with the reminders of racism right at home, she still believes Tracy is a safe place.

“When I chose Tracy, I chose it because I thought it was a great family town. I really do love my city.”

Police are providing extra patrols when they can to keep watch of the house.

Whoever’s behind it could face animal cruelty charges in addition to committing a hate crime.


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