Coach Malone Calls Loss To Timberwolves "Two Times Worse."

By Sean Stanfield

(KHTK, Sports 1140)  After falling in their fourth consecutive game, the Kings summer league roster now has only one opportunity remaining to show their head coach that they can play with the “competitive fire” that he expects from his players.  “When you miss shots, turn over the ball, miss free throws, you can live with that.” he told media after the blowout loss to Minnesota.

These types of mistakes happen with a group of players that have yet to step on an NBA floor.

Luckily, they’re young guys, fresh out of college, hustling to give a preview of their skills and hustle to anyone watching from the Kings or another NBA team in need of young talent. Right?

“The effort we put forth tonight was embarrassing.  I cannot live with the lack of effort and the lack of competitive fire that we did not show tonight.” said Malone.

Rookie Ben McLemore entered the game coming off an impressive shooting performance against the Raptors and quite simply, bounced backwards in an 0-8 shooting performance, finishing with one point and zero assists.  Ray McCallum struggled as well going 3-11 with one assist and three turnovers in the 92-54 loss.

The upside to the Kings performance so far in Sin City?  They have one more game.  One more game until they experience what many of us have.  The city literally chews you up and spits you out.  One game until a record in a league meant for instruction, adjustment and talent showcasing is wiped away.  One game to cash in a little before it’s all over and the Vegas “hangover” starts to kick in.

Hopefully after Friday’s conclusion to the 2013 Las Vegas Summer League the Kings coach isn’t dealing out the same harsh criticism of his summer league team’s lack of “fire”.


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