By Mikhail Chernyavsky

The comic book film certainly doesn’t breathe any new life into the buddy-cop genre, but manages to maintain a pulse with its action.

“R.I.P.D.” follows recently dead Boston cop Nick, and his new partner Roy, a 19th century marshal from the Wild West, as they hunt deados — evil souls that have escaped the afterlife — for the Rest In Peace Department. They are tasked with returning the souls to receive their eternal judgment, or simply erase them from existence.

The film is the type of movie where you need to just shutdown your brain before watching. It’s a mindless action flick that mixes together some of the most popular supernatural films around.

From the moment I saw the trailer I could hear the prototypical Hollywood pitch play out in my head: “It’s ‘Men In Black’ meets ‘Ghostbusters’ meets ‘Dead Like Me’ with a sprinkle of ‘Constantine’ and Jeff Bridges reprising his Oscar-nominated role in ‘True Grit.’ ”

It’s as if you’re watching a sequel to a film that was never made, but kind of was. However, as far as comic book films go, it certainly doesn’t rank worse than Josh Brolin’s “Jonah Hex.”

Armed with a cast of likable — and highly recognizable — actors, the duo of Bridges (Roy) and Ryan Reynolds (Nick) carry this film nicely with their typical buddy-cop banter.

The film’s biggest failure, outside of originality, is the poor CGI. Considering how far special effects technology has advanced in the past decade, there really isn’t any reason why the deados should look as if they came out of a video game.

“R.I.P.D.” is a great example of why serious film critics don’t need to throw in their two cents. Not every film needs to reinvent a genre or tell a heartfelt, life-changing story. It’s either yay or nay.

So if you’re looking for a fun film to see with friends, get ripped and see “R.I.P.D.”


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