SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As the heat moves from east to west, there’s no question on a day like Friday it’s all about ice, drinks, and staying as cool as possible at the California State Fair.

“I feel sorry for the people that have to be out there,” said Old Tyme Ice Cream owner Silvia Salazar.

Salazar works inside her air conditioned stand, but says on triple digit days it hurts business.

“When it’s hot, people don’t buy that much ice cream cause it melts so fast,” she said.

WATCH: 7-Day Forecast

However, over at West Sacramento’s DBI Beverage stand, business is booming. They can go through 40 kegs of beer in this kind of weather.

“It’s good; beer business is good,” said one employee.

The heat is also good for the ice vendors.

“When we get all the ice out of the trucks, it’s nice and cold in there; and usually we have competitions to see who can survive the longest in there when they lock you in,” said ice vender Taylour Reidt.

With temperatures headed into the triple digits for the weekend, it caught a family visiting from Oregon off guard.

“It’s 30 degrees cooler up there, so it’s kind of a heat shock,” said Brandi Minium.


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